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 Luxx Eyed Lashes versus drugstore disposable lashes

Luxx Eyed Lashes are made from 100% ethically sourced mink hair, as such, they are very flexible and lightweight. They provide a natural, feathery look to a glamorous pop depending on the style chosen. Most importantly, each pair of Luxx Eyed Lashes can be worn up to 25 times with proper care and maintenance.

On the contrary, drugstore disposable lashes are typically made with plastic fibers which are heavy and thick. Persons often complain of how uncomfortable and irritating they are when applied. Unfortunately, the heaviness can cause a strain on your natural eyelashes. The Luxx Eyed Shop (Luxx Eyed Lashes) prides itself on providing thin lash band to add to a more natural feel for all day wear.

What are Luxx Eyed Mink Lashes?

Luxx Eyed Lashes’ Mink lashes are made up of 100% natural and ethically sourced mink hair. Each strand of mink hair is carefully cut and curled to create a pair through a handcrafted process. Unlike synthetic lashes, our 100% natural mink lashes are free from any chemical processing, plastic, and dyes which allow for an extremely soft, comfortable, and natural look.

What are Luxx Eyed Silk Lashes?

 Luxx Eyed Lashes’ Silk lashes are 100% vegan synthetic silk to mimic the look, feel and comfort of our luxurious mink lashes.  Similar to our mink line, each pair of Luxx Eyed silk lashes are expertly handcrafted to be worn up to 25 times with proper care.

Usage & Care

Luxx Eyed Lashes can be worn up to 25 times with proper maintenance and care. As such, the Luxx Eyed Shop (Luxx Eyed Lashes) recommends the following:


  • Place your lashes in its original casing when not in use to maintain the longevity and quality. Additionally, it will protect the lashes from dust and moisture.
  • You can curl your lashes with a non-heated eyelash curler. Not needed for Luxx Eyed Lashes, but it can be done as the materials of the lashes mimics real human hair.
  • Wash your lashes after each wear, our lashes are waterproof. Administering our Luxx Eyed Lash Shampoo (coming soon) will no affect the lash quality and longevity. 
  • Do not apply mascara to your Luxx Eyed Lashes as this can limit the usage and quality of the mink / silk hair.
  • Do not wear your Luxx Eyed Lashes if you have eyelash extensions.

How can we clean Luxx Eyed Lashes?

Luxx Eyed Lashes are known for their durability and quality, allowing for usage up to 25 times uses proper care! To ensure you get the most use out of your Luxx Eyed Lashes, it is essential to take care and clean them after each use. Use a Q-tip to spot clean your lashes (please do not wet the entire lashes).

Method 1

Once there is a small build up of lash glue on the band, gently peel off using your fingers. Be sure that you are pulling the glue and not the band when removing the glue.

Method 2

Spot water on the band of the lashes with a Q-tip as some adhesive can cause a dry build up. This will help the glue to get saggy and can be removed by gently peeling off the glue residue using your fingers.

Method 3 

Using Luxx Eyed Lash Shampoo. See instructions on label.

How do I apply my Luxx Eyed Lashes?

 Luxx Eyed Lashes are easy to apply and can be work all day. The bands are thin and the lashes are flexible. Follow the steps below to apply your Luxx Eyed Lashes:

  1. Gently remove the lashes from the tray. Hold each pair against the respective eyelid to measure and fit the natural length of the lash line.
  2. Trim the lash band with a pair of scissors to the size of your eyes. Always trim from the outer corner of the lash so that the style is maintained.
  3. Brush a thin layer of lash adhesive to the lash band. It is recommended that you add a little extra to the corners for extra hold.
  4. Using an applicator or your fingers, grasp the lash and place on top, and as close to your natural lash line as possible, then secure the corners.
  5. Lastly, once the securely applied, brush lashes upward using finger tips or lash spoolie (brush) to ensure they are blended to perfection.

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